Even upside down, our acrobats are amazing to watch! Contortionists and handbalancers in mind-bending poses. Duos and groups creating phenomenal lifts and dramatic drops.

Choose between a feature choreographed performance set to music or ambient sets that are improvised in the moment. Our acrobats are versatile and can also provide roving entertainment, interacting directly with your guests -- all while holding unbelievable poses.

Group Acrobatics

With over a dozen talented acrobats on our roster, we can create exciting combinations of pyramid structures while showcasing tumbling, contortion and handbalancing skills. This can be a feature routine or an exciting tableau of “living artwork” that literally comes to life, right in front of your guests’ eyes.

Partner Acrobatics

With the power of a trusted partner, our duo acrobats perform powerhouse lifts you didn’t even know were possible. Their death-defying drops will leave your guests in awe. Choose between male/male, female/female or male/female combinations of performers.


Our handbalancers seem to prefer life upside down! Performing on canes 2.5’ off the ground, they use their strength and agility to create beautiful poses.


Our contortionists combine grace and flexibility as they bend and stretch into eye-popping formations that will redefine what you thought were the limits of the human body.

See more at our Contortion page!

Chinese Pole

Our acrobat will hold gravity-defying poses that seem physically impossible for the human body to sustain. These jaw-dropping feats of strength will stun your audience!

Booking Information

For more information regarding hiring an acrobat for your event, please contact or visit our Booking Page