Nothing has quite the jaw-dropping impact of aerials. Performing on a wide variety of apparatus, our artists combine the grace of a dancer with the athleticism of a gymnast to create a performance that is as exhilarating as it is beautiful. Whether on a traditional trapeze or a custom-made apparatus such as shell, our stunning aerial artists will simply take your breath away. Single or duo performances available on most apparatuses.

Choose between a feature choreographed performance set to music or ambient sets that are improvised in the moment.

Aerial Harness

Also called “Wall Dancing” aerial harness allows our performers to literally walk on walls! They will jump, swing, twirl, dance, and climb up, down and away from the wall. This may be performed on a large wall indoors or even on the exterior of a building. We can even unfurl a large banner or logo for mega impact.

Aerial Pole

This tall cylindrical pole suspended from above, allowing it to swing and circle freely. There is a straight pole for solo performances that is 10 ft in height. The T-bar pole has a cross-section horizontal pole at the bottom, allowing performers to use it not only like a Chinese pole but to also stand and balance on the bottom. It is 14 ft in height and is large enough for multiple performers to use at once.


The high energy excitement of bungee will rev up any crowd. The apparatus allows the performer to bounce, jump, flip upside down, and strike beautiful poses mid-air. We’ve even performed bungee over a rooftop pool!

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

The lyra is a large steel hoop suspended in the air and has a sleek and modern feel to it. The circular shape provides a beautiful frame for performer poses. Watch as they transition beautifully from graceful balances to dramatic drops to gorgeous spins.


Also known as corde lisse, aerial rope is a beautiful and daring apparatus that allows performers to climb to extraordinary heights and showcase magnificent heart-stopping drops.


This unique and custom-built apparatus combines the circular shape of the lyra with two semi-circular cross bars that allow the performer to hold beautiful and unexpected poses. The shell is suspended in such a way as to bring the whimsical movement of the tippy lyra.


Also known as aerial fabric or tissu, silks performances are striking for the colorful swaths of fabric that flow to the floor. Choose from a wide selection of colors to match your event’s decor. The fabric moves and sways in gorgeous arcs as the performer climbs, spins, and drops quickly towards the ground before stopping with beautiful precision.


A single piece of silk fabric is folded in half to create an elegant sling that a performer can meld into mesmerizing shapes and poses. They can fully “cocoon” themselves inside the sling, extend it outward in a beautiful split, or even use it as a swing.

Spanish Web

A variation on the corde lisse, Spanish Web is a rope that has a loop at the top in which a performer may insert their foot or wrist. The rope is then spun round and round quickly by a second performer and the aerialist twirls with magnificent speed to extend outward horizontally from the rope.

Straps / Chains

Two fabric straps or chains are looped from above. Using immense arm strength, the performer effortlessly lifts up into the air. With shocking flexibility, they can put their feet into the straps and create amazing poses.


Nothing says circus like traditional trapeze! This horizontal bar suspended by two fabric ropes allows performers to stand on top, suspend themselves by their toes, and showcase some mind-blowing catch and release action. Choose between the traditional two-point static trapeze or the single point dance trapeze which spins and twirls.

Booking Information

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