Movement, grace and beauty. Our dancers can enhance the spectacle of a circus performance or provide stand-alone entertainment. Choose between modern, ballet, jazz, and even the striptease sensation of burlesque. Our fabric dancers can provide roving, interactive and engaging entertainment. Choose between feature or ambient performances. Or consider classes to engage your guests.

Group Dance

Versed in ballet, modern dance, and jazz, our dancers can add movement and excitement to any circus performance. Whether a slow and sultry fan dance or a raucous, hip-swinging routine, these dapper dames and gregarious gents are sure to please!


Our sassy burlesque performers put the tease in striptease! Whether a classic bump-and-grind, a ridiculous comedic send-up, or a tassel-twirling extravaganza, they will get the crowd stomping and hooting for more! Choose a female or male performer. Same-sex burlesque classes are a fun time for night-time events.

Fabric Dance

Two performers are wrapped into a long sheet of fabric within which they slowly unfurl and wind back up while dancing and pulling against the fabric and each other for a beautiful sculptured effect. Fabric dance is the perfect way to engage guests during a cocktail hour.

Booking Information

For more information regarding hiring a dancer for your event, please contact or visit our Booking Page