We have a versatile roster of fully-insured fire performers ready to delight and amaze your guests as they spin flaming staffs and swords, juggle blazing torches, and plunge fiery wicks into their mouths!

Fire Spinning

Nunchucks, staff, poi, fans, rope dart, hoop, swords, and whip are just a few of the items our fire performers can spin, twirl, and maneuver deftly around their body. Watch them manipulate the flames into a beautiful poetic dance of light, heat, and danger.

Fire Juggling

Juggling a half dozen clubs is impressive, but juggling torches on fire brings the danger level up a few notches! Whether a solo juggler or a four-man act, you’ll be left wondering how they do it.

Fire Eating / Tracing

These brave performers will literally trace fire over their body and exposed skin. Watch them light wicks with flames from their fingers and then plunge those wicks into their mouths! Fire eating and tracing may be safely performed indoors or out.

Fire Breathing

Who says only dragons breathe fire? Watch the spectacular beauty and danger of our fire breathers as they expel flames from their mouths over 10 feet in the air!

Booking Information

For more information regarding hiring a fire performer for your event, please contact or visit our Booking Page