Live Music

Nothing enhances a circus performance like the impact of live music. Delight your auditory senses and enhance the visual spectacle by adding music. With over a dozen phenomenal musicians on our roster we can run the gamut of classical, swing, funk, Klezmer, jazz, blues, big band, dixieland, and of course, circus music!

Circus Band

Our circus band combines the rich musical history of the circus and the vagabond peoples of Europe with the raw energy of avant-garde jazz, the burning heat of funk, and the irreverent fun of today’s Vaudeville for an experience that is somehow familiar yet like none other. They dance at the edge of reason, sing the song of society’s fringe and drum out whatever din you are called to march to.

Music Samples: No Me Sa Sa | Telem Took It | Jungle Hunt

Swing Band

Drawing on a wide range of musical influences, they create a perpetually evolving, hybrid stew of early jazz, swing, dixieland, gypsy jazz, big band and blues by playing a combination of standards, originals, and unique swing interpretations of other popular genres. Centered around talented vocalists backed by a hot horn section, these cats will fill you with a hedonistic spirit and an urge to heat things up on the dance floor.

Music Samples: Davis Square Double Time | I Forget

Roving Musicians

Whether a quartet of musicians or a couple of roving performers, they will delight your senses! Instruments include clarinet, violin, accordion & guitar/bass.

Booking Information

For more information regarding hiring live music for your event, please contact or visit our Booking Page