Specialty Skills

Looking for something truly unexpected and unusual? Choose from one of our specialty skills: Chinese Pole, Fabric Dance, Slackwire, Spinning Cube, and Wheels

NOTE: Because these are specialty skills, only a small number of people on our roster perform these skills. So they are particularly only available based on performer availability.

Chinese Pole

Our acrobat will hold gravity-defying poses that seem physically impossible for the human body to sustain. These jaw-dropping feats of strength will stun your audience!

Fabric Dance

Two performers are wrapped into a long sheet of fabric within which they slowly unfurl and wind back up while dancing and pulling against the fabric and each other for a beautiful sculptured effect. Fabric dance is the perfect way to engage guests during a cocktail hour.

Slack Wire

Suspended between two free-standing posts, the slack wire moves and bends with the weight of the performer running, jumping, and engaging in acrobatics on it. Defying the laws of gravity, you’ll wonder how he doesn’t just fall off!

Spinning Cube

This unique apparatus showcases the performer’s grace, poise, and ability to spin a large cube above and around her body. A mesmerizing dance with an unexpected partner that combines art and athleticism.


Wheel acts are a very unique form of spectacular entertainment. Classified as either the single “Cyr wheel” or the double “German wheel”, our performers will tumble, twist, and roll around the stage.

See more at our Wheels page!


For more information regarding hiring a specialty skill performer for your event, please contact info@bostoncircusguild.com or visit our Booking Page